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Q: What sizes are available?
Answer: Awnings are made to your specifications. A standard retractable awning can be produced in lengths of 7' to 55' with projections of 5', 6'7", 8'2", 10', 11'6", and 13'1". All models are custom-made to the 1/4" to provide the perfect fit for all applications. In situations where the projection is greater than the width of the awning, our exclusive Little Big model will meet your needs.

Q: Does the awning need any poles to support it?
Answer: It needs none whatsoever. The combination of our strong steel mounting bar, spring-loaded, triple-cable lateral arms, and a solid professional installation eliminates the need for support poles. You will have total freedom of movement beneath your retractable awning.

Q: Do I need a motor?
Answer: A good general rule is if the awning is 20’ feet or larger in width, especially if it has a 13'1" projection, motorizing is a necessity. Although, with the use of a 7.8:1 gear instead of the standard 4:1 gear, larger awnings under 20’ wide can be manually operated with ease. Your motorized awning will allow you the convenience of flipping an interior switch or pressing a remote to deploy or retract your awning. All electrical work is done by our own licensed electrician to assure a clean, professional installation.

Q: How long will my awning last? 
Answer: With proper use and care, you can expect your awning to last a very long time. Woven acrylic fabrics are warranted not to fade and to resist rot and mildew for ten years with 1% to 2% fading per year thereafter. We have many units that are over 12 years old and still going strong. When a re-cover is needed, the replacement fabric can be done for about a third of the original cost.

Q: What is the hood, and do I need one?
Answer: The protective hood is used on awnings that are installed on an exposed wall or roof. Since retractable awnings stay up year-round, the hood acts as a gutter to shield the fabric from rain, ice, snow, and birds. When retracted, on some models, our unique hood design encloses the awning in a profile that measures 8.5" high x 6.5" deep, the smallest, sleekest in the industry. If your awning can be mounted beneath a soffit or overhang, the hood is not required. In a roof mount situation, our TOGA encases the fabric roll within an aluminum tube. Even when buried in snow, the awning fabric is completely protected.

Q: Can I use the awning in the rain?
Answer: All retractable awnings are designed mainly for sun protection and should be retracted in heavy rains. However, awnings with shorter projections (5', 6'7", 8'2", 10') when pitched properly, can shed a light rain. You will want to avoid having water pool on the fabric. When large amounts of water collect on the fabric it will stretch and billow. Heavy amounts of water can also damage the frame. If you retract your awning when it is wet, make sure you extend it and let it dry the next day.

Q: What is the wind ratings for awnings?
Answer: Sun Bloc Retractable Awnings, manufactured by Perfecta Awnings, Inc. are certified and wind tested to withstand 20 mph winds (Force 5). A good rule of thumb is as long as you are comfortable sitting on your deck reading a newspaper or having dinner, the awning is too. If it is too windy for you and you need to leave the deck, simply retract the awning.

Q: How does the awning get mounted to my house?
Answer: Sun Bloc awning installations are performed by experienced Sun Bloc Awning staff. Our cast-aluminum brackets are securely lag bolted to solid framing members. The siding is not crushed, and mounting boards are usually not needed. We would like to have a minimum of 8' of height of the patio or deck for projections up to 10'. Longer projections should be mounted higher to assure correct pitch. Low overhangs or soffits present no problem since we can easily roof mount any retractable awning. Our installations are neat, clean, and watertight and usually take a half day to complete.

Q: Aren't all retractable awnings basically the same?
Answer: In some ways that is true; most awning companies utilize the same fabric suppliers, and most awning companies use Somfy electrical components. The difference lies in the sturdiness of the framework, the quality of the sewing, and the attention to detail at each stage of the entire process, including installation.

Q: How do you price retractable awnings, by the square foot?
Answer: No. We do not. Since each awning is custom-made and may require different types of accessories, each awning is priced individually. For example, a 21' long x 13'1" projection has 2 arms, a 21' x 11'6" has three arms. The smaller awning actually costs more than the larger one, because of the additional arm. Pricing by the square foot would be unfair to the customer since the larger awning would always be more expensive. That is why we will come to your home, take an accurate measurement, show you the wide variety of fabric choices and photos of past installations, and give you a free, no obligation quotation.

Q: How long does it take to get a retractable awning?
Answer: Normally, we will be calling to set up a convenient installation time approximately 2-3 weeks from the date your awning was ordered.
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"We love our new awning. We shopped around for estimates before contracting with Sun Bloc. Anthony was very personable and gave us the option of installing the awning under our overhang, which initially saved us money and will save on wear and tear over the years. The job was scheduled within 2 weeks of signing the contract. The installer has been working with Sun Bloc for more than 20 years, which was important to us. They completed the installation quickly and neatly. We are now looking forward to many years of shady enjoyment on our sundeck."

- Frank S. Easton, PA
"The professional is experienced, he is very neat with heir work and are always on time. The professional was able to answer every questions we had, with no problem."

- Martha R.
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